Thursday, 25 September 2014

Scotland on a Sunday

I thought I would start with a little adventure near my hometown, Dumfries, with my family.

When it is a nice sunny day this is a beautiful place to explore and on this Sunday we decided to go a hike up to Waterloo Monument which is near a tiny village called New Abbey, about 5 miles out of Dumfries on the Solway Coast. The hike we took up to the monument was about 2 miles but very steep with a little rock climbing near the top.

Once at the top we had a picnic and enjoyed the amazing views across the land and coast. You can even climb to the top of the monument which is an extremely steep spiral staircase and very little space at the top but the views are worth it, as you can see.

Then on the way back we discovered blackberries on the track and decided to pick some on the way down.

We decided to continue along the Solway Coast and stopped at Southerness beach which is a beautiful rocky beach with a lovely lighthouse and plenty of shells to collect.

This was a great Sunday adventure with my family and so grateful to live in such a beautiful place.

Rachel Rose x

Friday, 19 September 2014


Welcome to my blog 'Rachel Rose'. 

 This is my little space on the internet, my blogspot, where I want to write, share and build a community and make new friends from all over the world.

 I am from a town in South West Scotland and not only do I like to travel further a field but I like to enjoy the time spent in a beautiful part of this country.

 I want to share my travel stories, my memories of past travels and things I am looking forward to in the future. I want to develop a blog which is varied and diverse and hopefully someone may read it, well.....hopefully!! 

 I have also started to live a more healthy lifestyle (although chocolate is always so tempting) and want to share my journey with that, I have been jogging and started yoga and can hopefully not only share my journey but get inspiration, motivation and encouragement from others as well as being a motivator too. 

 I am also a bookaholic, I LOVE to read and always have something I am reading, and on occasion, reading more than one or two books at a time. I want to share my books with you, and share yours with me! Always looking for new things to read. 

 Anyway, I hope that someone out there finds this little 'blogspot' and joins me here. Please leave comments and links to your blogs, I love reading blogs too.

 And here is a little something, one of my favourite quotes: