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I recently discovered a new company LifeBoxFoodCo, this company launched with September "food boxes" delivered to your door. Not only are they just food boxes but boxes full of natural healthy food. This is a great way of being introduced to brands which deliver organic, natural and healthy alternatives to the "western diet" of processed foods. 

This was a great find on my journey to health, taking small steps to make big changes in my life and I was really excited that I found this company and their ethos of "It is the food you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life" (Emmet Fox).

When my box arrived I could not wait to open it and see what was inside, but on opening the packaging the first thing I discovered was;

A personalised handwritten tag, I feel this is a rare and special thing these days, as you just get used to receiving  printed invoices...which end up straight in the bin or in a pile of papers (Just in case you need to return something). This really made me smile and because it was so personalised it makes you want to "Tag us in your pics!" (which I did of course!). This will be a little tag I hang with my collection of tags, postcards and random titbits!

The box was much larger that I thought it was going to be, I am sure in my mind I was expecting small samples of the products but no, it was the second surpirse.

On opening the box I discovered two cards inside, one was a "menu" and the other was a "warm welcome".

And.....when I flipped over the menu there was a "recipe idea" which was called the Lifebox "power of prevention" smoothie!

What a great idea to put this in as it can be added to my recipes for smoothies and I love the idea of trying a "smoothie bowl". I think a smoothie bowl would give you a sensation of consuming a meal rather than drinking it.

I chose the everyday Lifebox and I am really happy with my purchase.

My menu was:

Coconut water with Aloe Vera
Urban Acai (100% organic Acai powder)
Pukka Vitalise Sachet
Conscious Raw chocolate bar
Itsu Seaweed Thins
Rude health Granola
Inspiral Kale chips
Kombucha green tea
Baobab Sachet
Pukka Tea sachets
Lifebox everyday Morning cleanse mix
(Cayenne, Tumeric and Cinnamon)
Lifebox Nuts on the go
(Almonds and Mulberries)

I really liked that this company are introducing you to brands you have maybe not heard of before but incorporating popular ones such as pukka, I do love my pukka teas and thoroughly enjoyed both I received. I also loved that LifeBox added to the menu with their own products, the morning cleanse mix will be great added to a smoothie and the nuts are a great snack! I can't wait to see what else they bring out.

I feel I have discovered a treasure of a company and they have put so much work into not only their boxes, with the extras they pop in there, and yes personalised tags and recipe ideas are classed as extras to me!, but into their own branding and the way they can introduce people to a new way of trying out new things and making small changes to their diet a step at a time. It does feel special to receive a box full of goodies (healthy goodies of course) and I feel they have got it spot on.

I am really excited to see what they bring out in December as this box will make a fantastic gift for christmas and I am really tempted to try the children's box for my son as he would be very excited to receive a box in the mail! (it would be like christmas coming early). Yes, I know I know it is far too early to be mentioning Christmas in October!

Saying that, LifeBoxFoodCo have just launched their October boxes....I am off to see what they have in this month!

"The small box, creating a BIG life change"

Find them here:


Rachel Rose x

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