Sunday, 24 May 2015

Day 5 - Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing in this life is permanent.

Feelings and emotions change, ebb and flow, wither and wane. On attending my first yin yoga class a couple of days ago this seems to have been a theme emerging in my life. During class the wonderful, calming teacher was also very educating in her teaching and used analogies and metaphor to deepen our thoughts and practice, she talked about the importance of yin within the body and even when we become stiff and stuck the use of yin yoga, and generally keeping active, can release the tension in not only our muscles but deep into our bones and connecting tissue. She said that " its like when you have a cold drink and the condensation runs down the side of the glass and you lift the glass to take a drink and the coaster is stuck on the bottom. It is only stuck there because it was not moving and inactive but when you lift the glass and move it the coaster becomes unstuck and falls away". Such a simple but effective analogy. In relation to the body, the use of movement and especially yin we can become "unstuck" and deepen into our practice and move through the journey to the self, knowing that we can change with practice.

On arrival home from this class I received my weekly newsletter from yoga with adreine, and, she too, touched on this theme of change and becoming unstuck and that nothing in this life stays the same. The journey of change is all we have, embracing it comes with practice.

Our yoga practice can teach us to slow down, I found that in my first yin yoga class, being mindful and present and the embracing of the impermanence of feelings and life's ups and down helps to release the panic of changes, enhances our capacity to feel empowered by the way things are in our life's and to overcome all encompassing emotions in a way and with a belief that we did not have before.

I feel that there are many coincidences happening around me lately (No Rachel.....Don't play victim to the mercury retrograde on this occasion, that excuse is all used up!!), I had just touched on this theme during this writing challenge a few days ago with This too shall pass!! My mantra of this year is seeing me through this journey to the self.

In the newsletter adriene wrote words from Rilke;

Let everything happen to you,
Beauty and terror,
No feeling is final.

Rachel Rose.x

 *Yin Yoga practice consists of holding each pose for a few minutes at a time to really deepen into the pose and become "unstuck". It really is a wonderful practice and looking forward to my next class already.

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