Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Day 8 - A Lesson and a Blessing

So following on from yesterdays post "Slow down" I awoke at 4am with a terrible pain in my stomach then a sudden rush to the toilet, then up sick every half an hour after that. Once I was fully physically drained I crawled back into slumber and vivid dreaming to feel pain rushing up my back, aching and tingling. Turns out, having presented at the doctor's surgery white as a sheet and hobbling to her room, lets not forget make-upless and having not graced my hair with a brush through that morning, that I have a kidney infection. That stops you in your tracks...literally. 

Is this my lesson to slow down?, not only physically but mentally too. I have to just let go of the to do list for work, the one for home and the one for my mental notes about changes in my life. Even the list of topics to write about for this challenge, I need to just write about what comes to me at the time and not stress about it, instead embrace that it is a challenge, it is suppose to be, and when I do sit down to write, something will come to me, remembering this is mine, these are my words and they don't have to make sense or be written with perfect grammar or spelling. I even need to let go that the washing should be done and that the dirty dishes are piling up. Maybe the lesson is to slow down and not always be in such a rush to have everything done. I am not a perfect mother, homemaker or human. I just am. Let it be.

This could also be my blessing as the universe has given me no choice but to slow down, its a sign that it really is time the calm the chaos and reflect on what really is important and what I need to let go of. 

My eyes are barely staying open, I managed a shower and got cozy on my couch with a cup of lemon tea to flush out my system and calm me. I am no where near the 500 words today but I am blessed that I have actually written something, I am blessed that I only have a kidney infection and that I will recover and heal, slowly. All lessons can also become blessings.

To bed, to bed sleepy head.

Rachel Rose.x

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