Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 7 - Slow Down

Its time to slow down. Calm the chaos. Reflect. Take the time to recharge. Chill out. Meditate. Breathe. Keep it simple.

I am really struggling with this concept of slowing down, Just a few months ago I could, then January hit and it has been non stop - and that is just my mind. Things have been rushed, I want to rush things, I don't really know why but I want to figure out what I love and to be there now, to find ways to get there quicker. I need to slow down and let things fall as they may. 

It is important to learn to have hope and, maybe, blind faith that things will, eventually, work out and the scattered pieces of the jigsaw will all come together in the right place and fit together to create a harmonious joyous life.  I feel surrounded by people who love what they do yet I am lost in transition, from one vocation to another...I am not living in a career, I am living for my pay check..(I got that pay check today to discover a very serious discrepancy in my pay leaving me short for the whole month....another coincidence to get me out of there!). I have passions and talents but those do not seem to create one, balanced career path. I am a Jane of all trades, so they say! I am also surrounded by people who just settle....that's it....that is the feeling I was looking to describe, unsettled, I am so unsettled. I am unsettled, in everything I do. I am on edge, buzzing somehow, not willing to "just settle" but unable to calm the buzzing long enough to figure it all out. I want to find my passion and grab it with all my might and utter determination and live, truly, deeply and passionately live. Am I the only one? The only one that doesn't have a clue what to do.....This too shall pass, This too shall pass....repeat when necessary. 

Slow Down

Its time my dear, to slow down my dear.
Take it easy and breathe.
Breathe a little deeper today, sigh a little louder.
Pray a little longer and stretch a little more.

Its time my dear, to focus, my dear.
Read a little more and dream a little higher.
Take a leap of faith with a hope in your heart.
Take another breath, my dear,

Its time my dear, to say your truth, my dear.
Eat a little less and move a little more.
Buy a little less, live more simply.
Lie down and take a nap, my dear.

Its time my dear, to change my dear,
Sit down, write it out, feel it out.
Let the emotions come and go.
Let it flow out of you, my dear.

Its time my dear, to say goodbye, my dear.
Reflect on the past, look into the future.
But sit in the present too, meditate.
Breathe even deeper, my dear.

Its time to move forward, my dear.
Seek a new path, cross over an ocean.
Swim in the sea, bask in the sun.
Keep the memories, my dear.

Its time, my dear.
Its time to figure it all out, or not my dear.
But know this for sure, you are here.
You are here right now, my dear.

Take another breathe,  my dear.
And slow down.

Rachel Rose.x

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