Friday, 19 June 2015

A reminder.

I loaded up my laptop...out of habit to write my 500 words. Does that mean this is now a habit?

I did not even doubt it or hesitate or think "Oh I cant be bothered"...I just did it without thinking.
Maybe I could do another 30 days....who knows.

I volunteer at the moment on a fortnightly basis with a charity called visibility, who work with people who have visual and hearing problems and need some support and assistance. I was partnered up with a lovely lady who is having trouble with her vision, she has macular degeneration, which means as time goes on her vision becomes worse. My volunteer coordinator paired us up because she has a sister who lives in South Africa.

She could not have made a more perfect match. I visit for a couple of hours on a Friday morning and we get a taxi to various places, it is exciting for her to get out and about, to be given some freedom again. She has a very similar, sarcastic sense of humour and this is what reminds me that as we get older it is important to laugh, to have fun and always find the bright side of things....yeah I know... It does not seem like I do but I try and this women is my reminder of that.

She has difficulty with walking and needs to use a walker, something she now requires due to both her vision and physical challenges but what always surprises me is how she adapts, how she overcomes her hurdles and barriers. It is quite amazing to watch someone who is going blind, its like all their other senses take over, no questions asked, they just show up and do what needs to be done. An example today was in a homeware shop we were looking at pictures for her bedroom, at first she was slightly frustrated that she could not see but then as she stopped, got her balance and focused on the task at hand she began to move her finger over the pictures, using touch to feel the size and texture of the picture. She could describe what the picture was by her limited sight but mostly from how it felt. 

Adaptability and sense of humour seem to be the two things that can get us through almost anything. We probably use these traits more than we think on a daily basis as life changes and evolves, taking us from one situation to the next as smoothly as transitions can be. This is intrinsic human nature, to make things easier for ourselves.

I enjoy this role as a volunteer, I find it comes naturally to me. I like to help others, even if it is in such a small way. I find that when you are volunteering people appreciate you more, they know that what you are doing for them is from your heart and not from a monetary payment at the end of the month. It is from my heart and I really look forward to the Friday's when I know I will get to spend time with this lovely woman who is growing old gracefully and peacefully with knowledge and wisdom; and most of all, a good sense of humour.

I hope one day, when I am growing older, that someone will be kind enough to give me the pleasure of their company when I need it.

Rachel Rose.x

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