Monday, 1 June 2015

Day 13 - Prompted

This is what you get if you type creepy man looking in a window into google!

Today Kirk decided to give us a prompt, Oh God. I get the feeling that I am the only one in this time zone, the one that is hours and hours ahead of everyone else. That means I don't get to read all the other 500 words first....eeekkk!


Now, my literal brain has just went into overdrive and all I can see now is some creepy man standing at my front window staring in, folding arms, strange smirk on his face, judging me, without any words but just tearing me apart with a look. Some of the washing is done, there is a bike in my living room, a yoga mat on the floor, only a few dishes at the sink today. Is this too literal? Is there some deep meaning behind the prompt? 

I might get to that (Or I am going drag out the thoughts in the literal part of my brain until the 500 words are used up) but 24 hours looking through my window is quiet chaos, my house is quiet, and often. There is one and half of us that live there, in a small two bedroom house. I have morning down to a swift routine, it consists of me doing everything I need to.....the chiming in my phone going off, gym kit, snack, show and tell object, while the boy sits on the couch being served breakfast and morning TV. There is a method to this because as soon as the uniform appears so do the floods of tears, this is when the house is less quiet, crying, moaning and me having to raise my voice to get the uniform, shoes, and jacket on then out the door.

Does the strange creepy man really have to look in the window of my car? My car is an extended storage space....with everything from face paints, tables, chairs etc! And through the window of my work...I must look seriously depressed at work, not quite fitting in, staring blankly at a screen dreaming of days when I can be my own boss and truly help and serve others in a more passionate way, also missing those faraway, wishing they were closer.

Pick up the boy, back home, dinner, bath, bedtime stories and hugs...sometimes deep and meaningful questions like the other night, he said...why is there an earth and why are we human?...he is a clever one that boy.

Then on my own, I am freaking out by this point if there is still a creepy man at my window when it is getting dark. Time for yoga, does he really have to see that? I don't have the fancy yoga pants. Just me in my pyjamas with a youtube video on meditatively moving, trying to focus my mind on finding my purpose, contemplating quitting my job and getting on a plane. Then maybe a shower to think up at least 500 words for this "challenge"...sorry experiment!

The creepy man at my window would maybe see a lost soul, especially this year. One who is lonely from single parenting for 6 years, having fled from domestic violence, bound by law to this country, lost all her friends in the process and yearns to be part of a community where there is counsel and a collective purpose of healing and lighting the way for self and others.

If he has to come to my bedroom window...the curtains are shut...because that's really extra super creepy and I would not sleep from fear of nightmares!!! 

Why did I have to google image it? No sleep from fear tonight then.

Rachel Rose.x

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