Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day 25 - I have Joy.

(Isn't he handsome!)

Has 25 days passed since I started this, wow that means only 5 days left. I feel quite proud I have managed to keep going.

After my "feel sorry for me" post yesterday I practiced yoga for a couple of hours, meditated and went to bed early and read. I know now that my mind is slowly clearing as I can read again, and not just read the words while thinking about other things but can become engrossed in the story. I am glad, and grateful for this as reading is something I need in my life, it is my escapism from reality. Reading The Island by Michael Stark just is so good!

Anyway, I feel a bit better today, started to relax more. I feel like my writing seems very somber and serious when in fact my day to day life is more fun than it seems. I have time everyday for laughter, sarcasm, quick wittedness, dancing and being silly. I have joy.

I often find that I am quite a cool young (I am still young...honest) Mum. Today when food shopping I bought water guns and water balloons. The children in the street and the boy were so happy when the water guns came out with a tub full of water for refills. Then came a big bowl full of water balloons filled to nearly bursting, I love the noise of squeals of excitement and laughter.  Avoidance of housework always equals more fun and quality time with children. They are delightful, most of the time.

Every couple of weeks we attend a children's group called peacemakers, it is part of the baha'i faith with reference to the religion throughout. Even though we do not practice this religion we are still welcomed with open and loving arms. The leader of this group is so gentle and patient, I have a real connection to people like that and she helps me to strive for peace and calm, especially in a room full of noisy children.  The theme today for the group was joy, and discussion takes place amongst the children about this. They surprise me everytime with their knowledge and perspective of the world around them. My boy is very shy, introverted (Eh...haven't got a clue where he gets that from!!) but in peacemakers he is engaged and speaks out in the group. He knows and understands the topics and he too, strives for good and unity in the world. It is a pleasure to watch him be part of such a special group. We have stories, colouring, games and singing. I love this little group, and so does he. I am glad that as a parent I know and understand the importance of quality time with my child, no phone, no interruptions, just enjoying time with him. This is what brings me joy, so much of it. And I get to have him in my life everyday, I am so lucky. 

The quote from the group today was "O' Son of Man rejoice in the gladness of thine heart, that thou may be worthy to meet me and to mirror forth my beauty" I really like that.

Rachel Rose.x

The Bahá'í Faith (Persianبهائیت‎ Bahá'iyyatArabicبهائية‎ Bahá'iyya /bəˈh/[note 1]) is a monotheistic religion which emphasizes the spiritual unity of all humankind

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