Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 22 - Human

(My boy in South Africa 2013, with Takunda)
What it means to be human is alive, blood flowing throughout our body, oxygen in and out our lungs, blinking, listening, tasting, moving, thinking, feeling, rationalising, viewing of the environment, people, animals...I could go on but being human is not as simple as listing all the things the body can, it is so much deeper than that.
The human claims intelligence over all living things yet can be contradicting, power hungry, incapacity to prevent, to prepare.  Humans are reactive, shocked by the outcomes of our own destruction of the earth, eg, eight million tons of plastic dumped in the ocean every year...we are clever and intelligent, drops in the ocean, why are we killing our earth like this. Humans treat others in accordance to race, minority group, age, religion, class...the list goes on. This post could be lists of lists of lists. In accordance to is what creates conflict in the world, and religion, well I am not even going to go there.  Humans today need to look at another and recognise that what is standing in front of them in another should be that simple. 


A crisis in the world gives us hope in “team humans” is then the need to treat another indecently is forgotten and a collective united mission unravels to help each other and to combine efforts in giving aid,support, compassion and love to others.
It is not simple though, humans are complicated beings, so complicated that it is so difficult to define what it means to be human.
 The Oxford dictionary states  “Human; 1. of or relating to mankind: human nature.”
 Every human on this earth would define being human in their own unique way due the differences in culture, upbringing...everything on the endless lists. 

Humaness is uniqueness.
I think being human is a raw state of being, one in which, we are ever changing, evolving, often revolving, understanding and accepting, and sometimes not, our fragility. Humans are such a small part of the universe, we are all so small. Our commonalities should be enough to unite us, we all live and we all die. We all grow and create to deliver our stories of who we are. Discovering our own paths, our own, often lonesome, journey's in the span of our lifetimes.  Emotions run pure and thick in us all whether we are fully aware of it or not. We all believe in something...or nothing.  Every human craves to connect, to another living being/s. Every human craves connection, between our heads and our hearts so that they can listen to each other with a tenderness that diminishes the need for judgement and doubt, clear understanding that we can bow our mind intelligence to our body intelligence and vice versa.
Development in our mind and body intelligence, and of course spiritually, we can acknowledge love, our fundamental need to be loved and to spread love. To see every other human around us as beautiful, worthy and just as raw as ourselves with the same need to connect and accept and give love.
The human ego is a trivial state, there is need to let go of the ego when it is saying I am better than you. When ego is banished we can see true worthiness in every human, an appreciation which stems from love, deep within our souls.
Our souls are the spark in us humans, that suppressed firework waiting to be lit, fired into the air and viewed in awe appreciated by others. We seek acceptance, but in our seeking we should be accepting, accepting of all that is human about humans.
Being human is a temporary wonderful state, look at your fellow humans today and know that they too are wonderful and uniquely beautiful just like you. They have their stories to share, so listen.

Listen carefully.
Rachel Rose.x

500 words a day challenge from Kale and Cigarettes.

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