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Day 18/19 - The Magic

I have been working all weekend so missed a day. I am exhausted with no inspiration so I am having a cheat day. This is a, very badly written, poem I wrote in 2007 after having spent nearly 4 months in South Africa for the first time. This poem reminds me how bad I am at writing (and how young I was then) but it holds a lot of truth in it that I still feel until this day and, if nothing else, it is good memories to always look back on and hold dear to for the rest of my life. South Africa truly is a magic land and I returned to live there for a short time in 2014 with the boy, I just had to take him and he loved it just as much, if not more, than me.

And the leap of faith was the world's highest bungee jump......Just saying!!!!

There is nothing like getting out of a cycle of depression than leaving the country and doing something new....on my way to Greece this summer! Acknowledging the cycle for now and on the countdown.

The Magic

I visited this place when I was young,
And I must tell you I was stunned,
This place, by the name of Capetown.
Turned my life around.

Where to begin this story of magic,
In some of the chapters it was tragic. I stepped on the plane,
I took a deep breath and held that lump in my throat,
But my destiny was to experience what I call magic.

Taking my first step in the land of Africa,
Was a feeling I would have to deal with after,
Because this place, it took my breath away.
And from that day on I just wanted to stay.

A month I had planned on,
But my dreams and destiny made the don,
That my place here, as I had craved,
was to make a child happy,
Even if for just one day.

Working is something I did,
To make those kids smile was my bid,
Not only in educating them.
But to warm their hearts.
And there were no kids sweeter I tell you.

And this place so beauitiful and all,
is the place you dare to fall,
Because the crime rate here,
 makes you feel a little fear.
Just wear your common sense cap.

That was the chapter of tragic
Now its time for the magic,
This next chapter to write,
Started in the early hours,
where us girls got such a fright.

The time on the clock was 4am.
And the rain had no intent on being tame.
Like a waterfall on our beds,
But a cup of tea and an uncomfortable bed,
Got us through our night of flooding and laughter.

The next day, a long one ahead,
And in the puddles we did tread.
To work at Vera School with Steve the man.
And that afternoon is where the magic began.

A friendship was in my fate.
And that friends, her name was Kate.
That day we had lunch and a chat,
We ate so many waffles,
We started to get fat.

That day we lay the grounds,
And a treasured friendship was sure to be formed.
Thus, it grew, in the forthcoming weeks.
With the gang called the Makulu family.
Where we encountered many a treasure and treat.

The magic surely continued when I met this chap,
This chap, he loved his bright blue cap.
A deep and meaningful understanding,
When I look straight into his eyes.

But this friendship will last forever,
If we both overcome the tries,
I do think that the magic will see us through.
And close friends we shall be.
Until the end of time.

We shared many a delightful moments,
Where laughter and fun was allowed,
These moment, keep in my mind

With stories to be recited.
On many occasions out loud,
I hope these friends will never forget me,
And all those special moments
We shared together.

And the place of magic I found,
Came in the form of Makulu Lodge, where,
I did lay me weary head.
In room 7 was my space.
I was the only to play beer pong,
and never swallow alcohol, not even a trace.

The fun, laughter and excitement
Was always in full flow,
And many adventures we did go,
This chapter, it is too short.
That I hardly know where to start.

These adventures, they involved...
So many bays, beaches and views.
Even on a cable car which revolved.
And when we invested in a car.
The Makulu family really did go far.

But my time had come to travel further afield.
Life changing experiences, I would yield.
To touch the animals, especially a snake.
Is where I had to be brave, but it was great.

Then on that last day away,
I had my fears surface and nerves all a fray,
but I took that leap, off the highest bridge.
Gladly my grace stopped me...
From falling in a heap.

On arrival back in my place I belonged.
For people to be proud, As I have always longed.
But that chap, yes the one with the bright blue cap.
Came to my rescue and said he was proud.
It made the magic glow inside.

And from that day on, We spent days as a pair.
It was the best two days, I swear.
This friendship found, is where.
Sparkles of magic formed.

Then these weeks, they passed.
I still can't believe they went so fast.
So therefore, Goodbye I had to say.
To these two treasured, that...
Entered my magic so long ago.

From that day, I felt they should stay.
And life at Makulu would never be the same.
But then I met this pair,
that would keep me sane!

They kept the magic alive,
Fun and adventure we would strive,
As only two weeks left was all we had.
But the laughter continued.
With help from that...
Funny gal and loveable lad.

The enchantments and dreams
Of trued friendship, can truly come alive
When time and fun are spent together,
And forever in my heart...
These friends will be remembered.

This trip, you know, it made my life flow.
I have tried in my chapters.
To  describe all this magic,
But words can do no justice.

So here I am, as I stand today.
In this place I call magic land.
Where things happened....
In all my life....
I could never have imagined.

A better person? Some might sday.
But as I go home my nerves will fray.
And depression will seduce me again.
If I have a wish everyday,
I would wish to stay.

But in all my hopes, this magic will follow me,
And may my depression be set free,
When I take the next plane,
Along with another ambition,
To my next destined faraway land.

(Rachel, 2007)

I am so tired, sorry for misspellings!

Rachel Rose.x

500 words a day challenge from Kale and Cigarettes.

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