Thursday, 4 June 2015

Day 16 - Life

(My own Photograph)


All we have in life
Is sometimes life itself,
A concept taken for granted sometimes,
Up until the moment life over turns.

It is the concept that is taken for granted,
Especially in our happy times.
And even in our sad times,
Where our troubles seem so vast and tense.
To consider the tool we call life.

But does anyone know what that is,
Is there a true reason we are here alive,
Or is it not revealed to us...
Until we have died.

Why is the special life we love,
Suddenly taken away from us,
And it always happens,
When we need that loved one the most.

A special encounter,
Always leads to something closer,
But when we decide to lay down full trust.
That special encounter,
is no longer upon us.

If life is just for living,
Then from this moment forward,
I will live mine to the fullest,
And will suffer with no regrets.

And I will take with me in death,
All those special encounters, good times.
Along with the bad,
And keep them locked in my memory box.

For then I know,
I can do no more,
Than take this precious tool we call life.
And never be the fool to take for granted.

I will always appreciate, As I always have.
The little moments in life
That bring a tear to my eye
or a smile to my face.

Or even the moments,
I can give to others
To warm their hearts, give them a feeling
of something truly special.

For on this earth and on my death,
I want be remembered as a special encounter
Even if I have only touched one life.
Then I know deep down I have done a right.

From now on I will be forever inspired,
As my special encounter has come and gone.
But will always, eternally,
Be within my heart and soul.

Let this be my forever inspiration
As I am still here alive,
Through all the pain and heartache.
I'm surprised that I always survive.

Strength seems to come and go,
And when I need to breakdown,
I allow the tears to fall
Which bring out my weakness.

Then this allows my strength,
From taking long deep breaths
To come forward, and wipe away
My tears or pain and sadness.

There are lessons in life
During our day to day strife.
So never take for granted.
Walk with the humble, for they know.
All about life.

Rachel Rose.x

500 words a day challenge from Kale and Cigarettes.

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